“Operation: Flamestrike” was a free online event that Corvus Belli prepared in collaboration with Beasts of War.

It was a successful campaign composed of a series of specific missions that took place on Flamia Island, located on the troublesome planet of Paradiso.


For ten exciting weeks thousands of players participated in this online campaign where all the games played were relevant to the control of Flamia Island.


The players were able to report their battles on a site specially designed to process the results of the campaign to maintain their factions’ success and advancement. The different locations and combat zones on Flamia Island evolved during these weeks, showing how the victories and defeats of the different armies factored into the control and dominance of the different territories.


The final result of Operation: Flamestrike and its aftermath will be reflected in the background of subsequent Infinity books and continues now in Strikezone: Wotan, this year’s online collaborative campaign between Corvus Belli and Beasts of War.


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